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15 November 2023 15H00 to 15h55 ROOM 2 EXHIBITOR CONFERENCES

Digital Space for Education and Youth (ENEJ): a new generation of Digital Work Space (ENT)

ENEJ is a set of digital services offered to students, parents and members of the secondary education community. A complete territorial and scalable service center, ENEJ has been co-built with communities and designed to meet the users' needs.

As a modular solution, ENEJ is based on PRONOTE, school life management software serving more than 18 million users, and is structured around 3 main pillars:

- Management of establishments with School Life: guaranteeing educational continuity with the PRONOTE suite;

- Pedagogy: providing school directors with new educational tools and resources, including digital common goods;

- Services to families: enabling the community to promote and manage its family/youth policy through targeted measures. More than 2 million Youth Passes are managed on a daily by Docaposte to allow young people to access sport or cultural activities thanks to aid granted by the community.

Vienne, the first Department of France to set up the Digital Space for Education and Youth (ENEJ)

The ENEJ deployed in Vienne is aimed at nearly 46,000 people (around 10% of the population of Vienne): students, parents (legal representatives), teachers, directors of public middle schools, agents and elected officials of the department of Vienne.

From this information system which is the basis of Vienna's digital educational service, each member of the public and private educational community has a personalized space to access, according to their profile, information, a merged timetable, secure messaging, and a range of services: Educational tools and resources, Family services, Continuing training, Data.

Deployed in all public middle schools in the department since September 2023, ENEJ is a solution financed by the Vienne department and developed by Docaposte, a subsidiary of the La Poste Group. It meets with the requirements of the Master Plan for Digital Workspaces (SDET) of the Ministry of National Education and Youth. ENEJ provides new services such as a territorial internship search platform for 9th grade students, ensuring better equal opportunities between children, or the provision of departmental resources with "Lire en Vienne Collèges".

Docaposte, the leading creator of digital uses in the world of education

- Docaposte, with its subsidiary Index Education, has been serving schools and communities for over 30 years. It is the leading creator of digital services for the education sector, covering the entire educational journey, from nursery to Higher Education.

- As the first host of school data in France with PRONOTE, undergoing SecNumCloud qualification, Docaposte brings its expertise in processing sensitive data to develop new services in the world of education. Its mission is to expand and promote digital uses for the benefit of the educational community, families and local authorities.

- With this DNA, it is therefore quite natural that Docaposte imagined a user-oriented ENEJ, a useful ENEJ that facilitates communication between the educational community, families and local authorities and which provides a large and evolving catalog of digital services popular with schools. The solution is also sovereign, secure, and meets regulatory compliance challenges.

Conference Moderators:

Nadia AMAL

Nadia AMAL
Nadia Amal, Deputy Director for Youth, Education and Training Markets – DOCAPOSTE

Audrey DUMAS

Audrey DUMAS
ENEJ Project Director – DOCAPOSTE

Béatrice CAMPAN

Béatrice CAMPAN
Digital Project Manager for Education – DEPARTEMENT DE LA VIENNE


Deputy General Director – DEPARTEMENT DE LA VIENNE

Docaposte, with its subsidiary Index Education, has become the leading creator of digital uses in the world of education and the leading host of school data. Discover the new features of PRONOTE and our Digital Space for Education and Youth (ENEJ) which integrates school life, educational resources and family services.

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15 • 16 • 17 NOV. 2023

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