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15 November 2023 16h30 to 17h30 AMPHITHEATER PLENARY CONFERENCE

Will artificial intelligence be the key to educational innovation?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is raising many questions in school and higher education. Its tools are being integrated into classrooms, and teachers are now having to deal with them, not only to thwart the use of AI, but also to use it to support pupils and students. 

But can AI also become a tool to boost the creativity of pupils, students and teachers? Should teachers be trained in certain tools and use them in the class to become learning aids and open up students' critical thinking? What AI resources and media can be brought into the classroom and ultimately enable adaptive learning through this approach?
During this conference, we will analyze the challenges of AI in terms of pedagogical innovation and learning.

Conference Moderator:


Editor in chief – EDUCPROS


Associate Dean for Digital – NEOMA BS

Head of Digital Innovation and Applied Research Support Office – MINISTÈRE DE L'ÉDUCATION NATIONALE ET DE LA JEUNESSE

Marie-Caroline MISSIR
Executive director – RÉSEAU CANOPÉ

Philippe AJUELOS
Departmental administrator of data, algorithms and source code – MINISTERE DE L'EDUCATION NATIONALE ET DE LA JEUNESSE

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Plenary conference

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15 • 16 • 17 NOV. 2023

Paris porte de Versailles Pavillon 7